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Urulakizhangu Koottu Recipe Coockery Show
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Wash the potato well. If you want you can wash the potato in hot water and cut with skin or peel the skin and cut. Cut the potato into four and make into slice (it will be like half moon). If you want you can cut to thick strips. Pieces should be 3 times thick than potato chips. Wash the pieces in water so the starch will be removed. Make paste with besan flour, rice flour, chili, salt, Asafoetida and little water. The paste has to be thick so it can be coated mildly over the potato. Now heat oil and deep fry the coated potato in less flame then only the potato will be cooked. Drain the oil and put in tissue paper so, excess oil will be removed. This will be yummy and crisp outside but, soft inside. Try it out surely you will like it.
Added on Jan 16, 2011 by raj2010
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