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Valentine Special-Maraschino Cherry Juice Recipe Cookery Show

More Cheap Thrills and good eating from the east coast of Arkansas, Just poor hippie country boy logic.What do you do with the maraschino cherries juice after the cherries are gone? Might as well deep fry it. THIS IS VERY HOT USE CAUTION! This recipe could end up on the midway at the State Fair this year,,Be on the look out for it. Use pancake mix for the batter. No butter, Paula Deen or Betty aint got nothing on me when it comes to deep frying! Try them at your next Tea Party. Hey check out Ashley Klinger 'the girl in the airport' video,Very good. Leave a comment?

Added: 1462 days ago by raj2010

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Deep Fried Hard Boiled Eggs,Battered Recipe Cookery Show

The hippie done already cooked up some sliced, battered, deep fried hard boiled eggs,and they are down right good ! Use up them Easter eggs,Good enuff for the State Fair.Cook something good,quick&easy.The duck tape girl ate them all,none left for a fireside chat. Very good with sour cream at lunch. Better with gravy and bacon or sausage at breakfast.Try them at your next Tea Party. Leave a comment.

Added: 1462 days ago by raj2010

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Sausage Gravy Recipe Cookery Show

The poor hippie country boy is cooking sausage gravy. From the east coast of Arkansas comes more cheap thrills.Just fun in the kitchen, the down home dirt road style. Put it on a homemade biscuit and you will eat too much. It aint deep fried but it is as good. Make it with sun dried tomatoes,serve it with mashed tators and meatloaf. Try it this week as a family sit down supper.Leave a comment? Subscribe

Added: 1462 days ago by raj2010

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