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Payasam Pradhaman - Sweet banana dessert recipe

Preparation of kadalaparipe ethpazham predhaman payasam prepared in a more delicious (Sweet banana dessert recipe)

Added: 1990 days ago by Samson

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Olan Recipe Cookery Show

In a pan, boil red oriental beans with salt. Put kumbalanga (ash gourd) and pumpkin cut into cubes. To this, add string beans and green chillies. Stir a bit and pour some water. Cover the pan and cook for five minutes. Remove the lid. Stir gently. Now add salt and curry leaves. Stir a bit. Add to this, coconut milk and mix well. Pour some oil. Stir again. The Olan is ready to delight your taste buds.

Added: 1474 days ago by raj2010

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Olan Recipe - Onam Sadya Recipe - Kerala Cuisine

A Kerala Sadya (feast) is incomplete without Olan. Learn to make this vegetarian dish from this recipe show.

Added: 515 days ago by Christinathomas

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Ginger Curry Inchi Curry Sadya Recipe

Ginger curry or inchi curry is a side dish used mainly in sadya the traditional feast of Kerala.

Added: 512 days ago by maherbankb

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