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Cauliflower Pepper Masala Curry recipe

Cauliflower is an extremely flavourful vegetable. This dish is an exotic Indian style stir fried dish made mainly with cauliflower florets, green and red pepper, onions, tomato puree and other spices. Freshly ground pepper heightens the flavours of this dish and gives an extra kick to the taste. This dish is extremely mouth-watering and can also be eaten as a snack or serve with roti, naan, roomali roti, paratha, chapatti etc.

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Masala Chai recipe

Tea is the most common hot beverage had in most Indian homes. Masala Chai is an aromatic tea flavoured with green cardamom and ginger.

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Indian Chicken Tikka Masala recipe

An Authentic recipe of Chicken Tikka Masala by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi.

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Chicken Bhuna Masala Recipe

Bhuna masala is a basic simple masala made with red chillies, garam masala and garlic that is used for flavouring different types of meat and vegetables curries. The Indian spices used are rich in spiciness, flavourful and aromatic. Bhuna literally means sautéing or browning, hence the spices are firstly nicely roasted and ground to make a classic spice powder. Tip- Thighs & drumstick cut pieces suits well for making this dish. Alternatively you could also just grill the seared chicken to make a perfect crisp and juicy appetizer.

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Channa Masala Chole Chana recipe - Ramadan Recipe

This dish is going to be great with chai tea in the evening. It is very popular in Bangladesh for iftar in the month of Ramadan. In India this is called Chana Masala ,chana chat or chola or punjabi chole. It is a vegetarian chickpea or garbanzo bean curry. It contains a lot of protein like other beans I believe. After fasting the whole day, it can energize one and provides you with a lot of protein.

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