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Crispy Maple Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Crispy maple oatmeal cookies is very delicious.

Added: 24 days ago by maherbankb

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Maple Syrup Dumpling Recipe

Maple Syrup Dumplings are an old fashioned baked dessert that are very easy to prepare. Dumplings are made out of flour, butter, milk and eggs, then smothered in a rich, maple flavoured syrup. Baked until golden and puffed, serve the dumplings with cream or ice cream.

Added: 492 days ago by maherbankb

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Maple Bacon Doughnuts Recipe

The Sweetest Vegan - Southern Queen of Vegan Cuisine When a Southern Belle goes vegan, she takes her soul food with her. Learn how to cook your favorite comfort food dishes and down home desserts while enjoying a vegan, vegetarian, and plant based lifestyle.

Added: 525 days ago by Christinathomas

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Tasty yogurt pancakes

Cook delicious pancakes on kefir. Enjoy! We need: yogurt - 2 liters Eggs - 4 pieces baking soda - 1/3 teaspoon Vinegar - a small drop of sugar - 2 tablespoons salt - 1/3 teaspoon vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons Wheat flour - 550-650 grams (this is based on flour)

Added: 611 days ago by Leif2012

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Pancakes with Maple Butter Recipe

Learn to make Pancakes with Maple Butter following this recipe. Try this out at your kitchen! Ingredients: 2 cups self-raising flour Pinch of salt 2 cups milk 2 eggs 60g butter, melted 1 cup strawberries Maple syrup, to serve Maple syrup butter: 120g butter, at room temperature 1 tbs maple syrup ENJOY!

Added: 668 days ago by Irenetreesa

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