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Fish Cornbread Recipe Cookery Show

The hippie chick said you gonna eat this?? This aint no fruitcake recipe,fiasco.Better than apple pie.No snake oil,no smoke and mirrors, just the facts. It's another downhome,country road,you know where the sidewalk ends,food for thought,how to make and bake, good old hot water southern cornbread.We are not talking low power microwave cooking here. Take it to the next level. Put a fish in it,no big onion flakes,use a big cast iron skillet,.no hushpuppies,eat fish on friday?deep fried,batter dipped,farm pond,cane pole fishing,I got a bite,channel catfish,big mouth bass,carp,it's all good. Is raspberry ice tea legal worldwide? Do you know what the bottom of your last pizza looked like? Will you know what the bottom of your next one looks like? Do you eat tomato seeds? The redneck hippie gyspy duck tape girl with them michelle phan blue rainbow,dark of night ricebunny eyes.predicted the end of time,the year two thousand,she missed that,all was good,we were partying like it was 1999.Time may have stopped,but we missed it, I do remember them wet t-shirts,two beers = eye candy. This is an easy homemade DIY,do it yourself,how to,no bloopers,cooking 101 recipe,don't be short with your cornmill batter,if you have to much,cook a hoe cake to go with that left over BBQ,pass your blue plate,comes with sweet french fried tators,no salt, and hot guacamole bean dip,buttermilk,pinto beans with ham shank,basil pesto macaroni salad,hold the broccoli.use a solar oven if you have it.This is not a teaparty with mexican wedding cookies.Fun,fun on the run,do you hear it?How to bake bread,cast iron skillet.No curry,buy it on e-bay.The vision. Subscribe,leave a comment,pass it on. We got a lot of them government surplus bananas last week,now if I can find aunt Betty's family recipe on how to make stovetop banana peel jelly,made with grape jello,nothing goes to waste.The cat had gas,still missing.Have you seen her cat? Been listening to late night pirate radio,Timbuk 3,'sample the dog','b side of life', Thanks,Marie Lavaux, now thats a witchy woman.She aint no bag lady,that's a mojo.

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