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Matt Dawson and Greg Searle's edible fluffy sheep

If you're looking for something to keep your kids busy and away from the TV, why not try making some fluffy sheep as an ideal solution to an afternoon in the house with the kids? Even sports stars can be encouraged to get stuck in to food art with a little friendly competition. Using simple techniques, Matt Dawson, former England rugby player, and Greg Searle, Olympic gold medallist rower, show how to make fluffy sheep made from a Cheerios and marshmallow mixture, with black grape heads and raisin legs. The kids won't need much persuading to get their little fingers into this gooey mixture. Just like Greg and Matt, they'll love to compete with each other to make the best sheep. If your little ones want to have some fun, food art is a great way to learn about the food they eat. This easy-to-follow recipe uses Cheerios which contain whole grain, an important part of a healthy diet. Watch this video where Matt and Greg show you step by step how to create these tasty fluffy summer sheep. For more information visit Recipe: Ingredients: 40g Butter 20 Large Marshmallows 160g Cheerios 40g Desiccated coconut 6 Black grapes 50g Raisins 24 Currants 50g White chocolate Makes 6 Method: 1. Place the butter and the marshmallows in a microwavable bowl, and heat on high for 1 minute. Stir until smooth. 2. Stir in the Cheerios until fully coated. 3. Using the tablespoons tightly form mounds of the mixture to make the bodies of the sheep. Slide onto prepared sheet or board. Sprinkle with coconut. Leave until firm. 4. To make the legs take half a cocktail stick and thread on raisins, repeat to make 24. 5. To assemble, push 4 legs into each body shape, stand upright, push in a half cocktail stick for the head and attach a grape to make the head. 6. Break the white chocolate into small pieces, and microwave on medium in 20 seconds blasts, stirring every time, until melted but not hot. 7. Use the melted chocolate to make 2 dots on each head to make the eyes and push in a currant to form the pupils. Use a little melted chocolate to attach 2 currants to make the ears.

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Crab Meat Salad

Crab Meat Salad -A great side dish

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Roasted eggplant subzi

Roasted eggplant subzi.

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Indian Capsicum

Capsicum or Green Pepper curry prepared in an "Easy Cook" fashion. These meals are quick to make and taste real delicious !!

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Bengal Grilled Fish

How to cook 'Bengal Grilled Fish' in three minutes,and a very spicy food to have.It is a very healthy food to have

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