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BBQ Pig Tails Recipe

Recipe for making BBQ pig tails as it's done in the Caribbean. Happy Cooking!

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Homemade Tamarind BBQ Sauce

Recipe for making a homemade tamarind bbq sauce with traits from the Caribbean. This bbq sauce is great on meats and can also be used as a dipping sauce for chicken wings, chicken nuggets and even on pizza. This Caribbean style BBQ sauce is flavored with the heat of scotch bonnet pepper, the richness of all spice and the wonderful base of tamarind.

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Caribbean Rotisserie Chicken On The Grill Recipe

Recipe for making Rotisserie Grilled Chicken, Caribbean style. Using a dry rub of exciting Caribbean herbs and stuffed with scallions, fresh thyme and lemon wedges, this Caribbean style chicken on the grill will be outstanding at your summer back yard BBQ. You'll even catch a slight flavor of Jamaican Jerk as you enjoy this grilled chicken.

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Grilled Caribbean Shrimp Skewers Recipe

Recipe for making a Caribbean style grilled shrimp skewers on the BBQ. Using scotch bonnet peppers, grated ginger, all spice and other exciting Caribbean flavors to enhance the grilled shrimp to a level you've not experienced before. NOTE: Chef said nutmeg a couple times in the video, when it should be all spice. For the video on how to devein and peel shrimp, see:

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Caribbean Chicken Soup Recipe

How to make a Caribbean style chicken soup, using a recipe from trinidad and Tobago. Similar version of this chicken soup can be found throughout the islands, where soup is a must-have meal on Saturdays. Loaded with herbs, ground provisions and with it's coconut milk base, this is as absolutely delicious and great for sharing with friends. A similar recipe can be found at

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