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Caribbean Coconut Shrimp Bisque

How to make a classic spicy Caribbean Coconut Shrimp Bisque, with fresh ingredients as you would find on the resorts in the Caribbean. Unlike traditional Caribbean soups, this bisque does not have ground provisions and salted meats, but it's a great starter to a lovely Caribbean meal. It's very similar to lobster or crab bisque.

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Chicken Lo Mein - Recipe Cooking Show

Recipe for making chicken lo mein. The food of the Caribbean is heavily influenced by the Chinese who came here over a 100 years ago and especially in Trinidad and Tobago where a unique fusion of foods took place. So this Caribbean Chinese chicken lo mein is a dish which can be found throughout the islands like 5 spice chicken, chow mein, fried rice and char su pork.

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How To Make Banana Nut Bread

Here's a simple but tasty recipe for banana nut bread. A thick slice with your morning coffee or tea and you're set for the day. Making full use of old bananas and with the slight crunch of walnuts, this moist banana bread is sure to impress. In the Caribbean we're surrounded by fresh bananas, so it's only natural to find this banana nut bread throughout the islands.

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Curry Potato With Left Over Stewed Chicken

A quick and simple recipe for making curry potato with leftover Caribbean style stewed chicken. This recipe also works well with stewed pork or beef. A traditional way of using left over stewed meats in Trinidad and Tobago and I'm sure you'll love it with rice, roti and breads.

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Breadfruit In Stewed Pork Simmered in Coconut Milk

Recipe for making a Caribbean inspired dish using breadfruit, in stewed pork and simmered in coconut milk. Loaded with herbs, spices and coconut milk, this simmered breadfruit dish will be a hit in your house. To learn how to peel and core a breadfruit, see:

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