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All American Burger Dog Recipe

Lean how to make a Burger Dog! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and over 725 more video recipes!

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Mushroom Veggie Burger Recipe - Vegan/ Vegetarian Burger

Learn how to make a veggie burger with a Portobello mushroom, avocados, and tomato. Try this out at your kitchen!

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Vegetarian Bean Burger Recipe

Whether you are vegetarian, health conscious or just fancy a meal without meat, this tasty bean burger is simple and quick to make and is much better than the dry veggie burgers from the shops. It's packed full of butter beans which are full of fibre and helps burn energy slowly and tastes so good with a bit of blue cheese. Get the recipe at

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Turkey Shish Kaburger Recipe - Memorial Day Turkey Burger Special

Learn how to cook a Turkey Shish Kaburger! Visit for the ingredients!

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Cooking With Lurch: Burgers (Ep:3) Learn how to cook lurch monster's secret recipe Burgers, and we also show you how we make our legendary Cheese Burgers, plus find out a variety of ways to cook these patties of meaty goodness. Plus a big well done to certain Aberdeen butcher who has felt inspired to latch on to The Tilly Butchers neck bolts and coat tails with these videos. Your industry leading original ideas are an inspiration to us all. Learn To How Cook With Lurch. Episode 3 : Lurch's Secret Recipe Burgers. Episode 2 : Lurch Monster's Super Awesome Chilli. ( Episode 1: Stewed Steak ( © Lurch Monster's Tilly Butcher 2012 Narration : The Sasquatch Hands & Editing : Lurch Monster All Other Video & Photos, Copyrights Belong To Respected Owners.

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