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POP TARTS Recipe Cookery Show

Another fiasco from the country kitchen. New flavors. The poor hippie country boy shows you how to change the flavor of pop tarts. You can have a new flavor every day. The sky is the limit. I like cream cheese on blueberry, Sunshine the hippie chick likes anchovies on cinnamon and brown sugar, the duck tape girl is all over the page in her tastes. All flavors, did I say cherry, strawberry, chocolate, can be deep fried and they are darn good, But you can't beat this peanut butter and home made apple jelly combo. Enjoy "on the go" or buy the fireside. A glass of cold milk or hot coffee the choice is yours. You can not go wrong with a big mug of hot coco on a cool day. A few flavors have been lost buy the wayside, now you can recreate them. Basic cooking 101, Subscribe, leave a comment? Pass it on to a friend.

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