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Cookies and Cream Cocktail Recipe

Cookies and cream cocktail is a strictly adults only treat, perfect for parties. Oreo cookies are combined with cream ice cubes and some beautiful liqueurs to make a rich velvety cocktail.

Added: 356 days ago by maherbankb

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Crispy Lemon Garlic And Rosemary Chicken Recipe

Simple ingredients like fresh lemons, fragrant rosemary, savory garlic, Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs combine to make this flavorful, crispy baked chicken recipe. Easy enough for a weeknight, but great for company or a special occasion! This is a healthy version of fried chicken cutlets. Boneless, skinless,chicken breasts are coated with the ingredients and the chicken is baked in the oven oven fried.

Added: 361 days ago by maherbankb

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Hot and Spicy Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Hot and spicy chicken nuggets is a delicious, spicy snack, perfect for parties or as part of a main meal. Succulent pieces of chicken breast fillet are coated in a spicy mix and crumbed. Deep fried or oven baked, these amazingly simple nuggets are packed with flavour.

Added: 361 days ago by maherbankb

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Aussie Bacon And Egg Pizza Recipe

Aussie bacon and egg pizza is a classic Australian fast food treat that is very easy to prepare. A super simple home made pizza dough is topped with sauce, fried bacon pieces, farm fresh eggs and cheese, then baked until golden.

Added: 363 days ago by maherbankb

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Chicken and Prawn Fandango Recipe

Chicken combines so wonderfully with seafood and they are the perfect partners in Consuming Passions Chicken and Prawn Fandango.

Added: 378 days ago by Christinathomas

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