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Carrot And Cashew Adai Recipe

Carrot cashew adai is another wonderful combination of Indian pancake where grated carrots are added to the adai batter and pan fried. The adai is topped with cashew to give that amazing crunchiness and enhance the flavour so that kids are attracted in eating this colourful and nutritious diet.

Added: 336 days ago by maherbankb

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Drumstick Leaf Adai Recipe

Drumstick leaves Adai is popularly known as Murungai Keerai Adai in southern India. It is an exceptional crepe made from the combination of at least two lentils and rice; drumstick leaves added in the batter and cooked to perfection makes this dish remarkably nutritious. Traditionally this is a tiffin dish usually had for breakfast. This variation of adai taste good when you use a little extra oil and cook it on low flame. The fresh ground coconut gives a nice crunch when you bite into the adai. Drumstick leaves are rich in iron compared to other greens. This adai goes well with sambar.

Added: 462 days ago by roshan1990

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Mutli Grain Adai Recipe

Multi grain Adai or Multi grain Indian crepe or Multi grain Adai pancakes is a healthy and nutritious dish. Adai is prepared with a combination of many essential multi grain lentils such as rice, urad dal, channa dal, toor dal, moong dal and green gram mixed with dried red chillies, asafoetida and fresh curry leaves. Multi grain Adai is a deliciously healthy, savoury and stomach filling snack served at breakfast. It goes well with lime pickle, mint-coriander coconut chutney or eaten with some chunks of jaggery. A blob of white butter served with the hot steaming dosa hits the spot and gives a glazing shine to the adai.

Added: 462 days ago by roshan1990

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Adai Idlis Recipe - No Fermentation Batter

Adai Idli is a simple a nutritious recipe. Try it out!

Added: 552 days ago by TeljaJoy

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Karadai Nombu Adai Recipe Cooking Show

Mrs.Sheela cooks Karadai Nombu Adai, typical south indian delicacy. She specializes in simple south inidan brahmin cooking.

Added: 1543 days ago by samson6

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