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Walnut shrimp Recipe Cooking Show

Walnut shrimp is a delicious recipe made with shrimp and other ingredients try this out.

Added: 1269 days ago by samson6

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Caramel-Walnut Monkey Bread Recipe Coockery Show

In a small mixing bowl, combine 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup chopped walnuts, and ¾ cup melted butter. Stir well, and set aside. Place 1 ½ cups white sugar and 2 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon in a gallon-sized zip-lock bag. Close the top, holding it together with your hands and shake the bag until the mixture is well-blended. Now, open your refrigerated biscuits, and remove the biscuits from the first can. Separate the biscuits from each other, and cut each biscuit into four equal quadrants. Place the biscuit pieces all at once (or a few at a time) in the bag of sugar and cinnamon. Shake well to coat biscuit pieces. Place the biscuits evenly in a ring in a Bundt cake pan that has been sprayed with cooking oil spray. Spread one-half of the caramel-walnut mixture over this first layer of spiced biscuit pieces. Now, open the second can of biscuits, and repeat the process, ending with the remainder of the caramel-walnut sauce on top of the second layer of spiced biscuit pieces in the Bundt cake pan. Place the pan of layered spiced biscuit parts and sauce in an oven that has been heated to 350 degrees. Bake 30 minutes, or until golden brown. Immediately invert the Caramel-Walnut Monkey Bread onto a nice cake plate. (You will want to choose a plate that has a lip around the edge, so that sauce will not drip off the plate.) Serve immediately. Monkey bread is served by pulling individual pieces from the warm bread..

Added: 1270 days ago by raj2010

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Walnut Praline Cheesecake Recipe Cooking Show

Here's a nice and easy dessert for the Holidays. Make sure you plan ahead to allow it to cool and set. Enjoy!

Added: 1318 days ago by samson6

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Pumpkin & Walnut Stuffing Recipe Cooking Show

This Pumpkin & Walnut stuffing can be served as a side dish (hot or cold) and can be used as a stuffing.

Added: 1362 days ago by samson6

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Pear and Walnut Tartin Recipe Cookery Show

Pear & Walnut Tartin is our version of a classic French dessert, made even easier with puff pastry.

Added: 1395 days ago by samson6

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