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Chicken Stuffed Pastry recipe

This recipe is inspired from a traditional Moroccan recipe called "Rghayef dial lferran" which is pastry stuffed with ground beef and a tomato based sauce. These pastries make for a great appetizer when you have family or friends over, and a balanced a quick meal, specially if you have them ready to go in the freezer.

Added: 503 days ago by Christinathomas

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Unnakaya Recipe - Surya TV - 24-1-2013

Unnakaya is a sweet Malabar (Kerala) Muslim recipe. It’s popular in other parts of Kerala also during the Ramadan fasting time. It is very easy to prepare and tastes absolutely yummy.

Added: 521 days ago by TeljaJoy

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Kozhi Nirachatu Recipe - Surya TV - 27-8-2011

Kozhi Nirachathu is one of the Malabar specialities. Try this Delicious Recipe!

Added: 522 days ago by TeljaJoy

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Stuffed Dates Recipe - Ramadan Specials

Stuffed Dates will bring a special touch to your Ramadan table. Try it out!

Added: 524 days ago by TeljaJoy

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Cheese Stuffed Burgers Recipe

Cheese stuffed burgers are a delicious treat, perfect for barbecues or week night dinners. Beef is combined with onion, garlic and herbs. Stuffed with cheese and formed into patties, these burgers can be fried, grilled or barbecued.

Added: 537 days ago by maherbankb

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