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Salt And Pepper Squid Recipe

The kiwi tenderizes the squid and if left on can deter from the squid taste for people who prefer the squid natural.

Added: 295 days ago by maherbankb

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Cauliflower Pepper Masala Curry recipe

Cauliflower is an extremely flavourful vegetable. This dish is an exotic Indian style stir fried dish made mainly with cauliflower florets, green and red pepper, onions, tomato puree and other spices. Freshly ground pepper heightens the flavours of this dish and gives an extra kick to the taste. This dish is extremely mouth-watering and can also be eaten as a snack or serve with roti, naan, roomali roti, paratha, chapatti etc.

Added: 366 days ago by Christinathomas

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Prawns Pepper Fry Recipe

The spicy pepper blends well with the sweet prawns. Check this Delicious Recipe!

Added: 409 days ago by TeljaJoy

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Chicken breast with roasted red pepper sauce Recipe

This video shows how to cook a beautiful moist chicken breast with sautéed brussels sprouts, potatoes and a creamy roasted red pepper sauce.

Added: 503 days ago by maherbankb

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Salt and Pepper Squid Recipe

Salt and pepper squid is a deliciously simple, deep fried, seafood sensation. Squid pieces are coated in a lightly spice flour mixture, then deep fried until golden and crisp. Serve with tartare sauce, lemon wedges and salad for a quick and easy seafood dinner that the whole family will love.

Added: 508 days ago by maherbankb

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