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Paal payasam - Milk Kheer

Paal payasam (Milk Kheer). Kheer (Sanskrit: हिन्दी (Payasam), Oriya: Kheeri), a traditional dish in the Indian subcontinent, is a rice pudding typically made by boiling rice with milk and sugar. It is often flavored with cardamoms, saffron, pistachios or almonds that have been soaked overnight and made into fine paste.

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Lassi Recipe

Lassi Recipe

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Egg Masala Kerala style

Egg Masala Kerala style Malayalam

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KaduManga Achar -Tender Mango Pickle

Tender Mango Pickle

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Tomato chutney

Chutney (Hindi: चटनी; Urdu: چٹنی ) (British spelling) or chatni (Hindi, Urdu, Bengali or Tamil - சட்னி) is a term for a variety of sweet and spicy condiments, usually involving a fresh, chopped primary vegetable or fruit with added seasonings. Chutney, as a genre, is often similar to the Indian pickle and the salsa of Latin American cuisine, or European relish.

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