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Valentines Special-Croissant Sandwich Recipe Cookery Show

With the cold of wave that we had for the past few days in the Northeast (USA), all I wanted to do this week end is wear my comfy robe and eat comfort food! When I think of comfort food I think of that fabulous sandwich I used to buy from a small restaurant across of Casa Port (the main train station in Casablanca)... Croissant Sandwich! A yummy, creamy, and crunchy shrimp sandwich... This will definitely redefine your thinking about comfort food!

Added: 1462 days ago by raj2010

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Moroccan Spring Rolls with Tuna and Potatoes

Spring Rolls are very popular in Morocco, they are called 'Briwat' and could be served as appetizers with a savory filling, and as a dessert with a sweet filling.

Added: 1804 days ago by Samson

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Crème caramel (flan) -

How to make a very popular dessert in Morocco: Crème caramel (flan) More info:

Added: 2247 days ago by Ryhana

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Moroccan Briwat with Goat Cheese recipe Cookery show

How to make mouth watering briwat filled with goat cheese. You can either dip them in honey for an amazing sweet-salty taste, or add parsley and chili pepper to the filling for a spicy taste.

Added: 2272 days ago by cookingwithalia

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Almond Truffles - Moroccan

How to make amazing almond truffles inspired by a Moroccan cookie called Zellige. Usually the 'Zellige' cookie is an almond paste sandwiched between two layers of chocolate and has a squared shape. These truffles are filled with almond paste, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in various coatings.

Added: 2284 days ago by cookingwithalia

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