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Paal payasam - Milk Kheer

Paal payasam (Milk Kheer). Kheer (Sanskrit: हिन्दी (Payasam), Oriya: Kheeri), a traditional dish in the Indian subcontinent, is a rice pudding typically made by boiling rice with milk and sugar. It is often flavored with cardamoms, saffron, pistachios or almonds that have been soaked overnight and made into fine paste.

Added: 2291 days ago by Bindu

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Indian Milk Cake Recipe.

Indian Milk Cake (Eggless Dessert) Recipe by Manjula.This milk cake is a simple cake and it is delicious.

Added: 781 days ago by maherbankb

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Badam Milk Pudding Recipe

Badam Milk Pudding made in a different manner so that you can prepare very easily so try this out.

Added: 1933 days ago by Samson

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Banana Chocolate Milk Shake Recipe Cooking Show

Banana Chocolate Milk Shake is a delicious recipe made with banana and other ingredients try this out.

Added: 1690 days ago by Samson

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Condensed Milk Pudding Recipe Cooking Show

Condensed Milk Pudding this a simple recipe which is prepared out of milk and other items so check this out.

Added: 1618 days ago by samson6

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