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Gajar halwa - Carrot pudding recipe cooking show

Delicious and all time favorite Gajar halwa (Indian dessert) is shown in this video. Serve warm or chilled after lunch or dinner.

Added: 1003 days ago by Irenetreesa

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Traditional Gajar Halwa Recipe Cooking Show

Traditional Gajar Halwa is a North Indian type dessert mostly used in special occasions you can simply try this out.

Added: 1848 days ago by Samson

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Carrot Halwa Recipe

Carrot Halwa Recipe Gajar (Carrot) Halwa is a traditional Punjabi dish made with carrots and milk. Carrot Halwa is delicious warm or cold Dessert. It is simple and easy to prepare!

Added: 627 days ago by TeljaJoy

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Gajar Carrot Kanji - Indian Pickled Beverage

Gajar (Carrot) Kanji - Indian Pickled Beverage

Added: 1679 days ago by Bindu

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Gajar Ka Halwa Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe Cooking Show

Low fat or not Gajar ka halwa is a simple and tasty dessert from India.

Added: 1554 days ago by samson6

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