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Besan ke Laddoo Recipe

Recipes for Beginners - Step by Step instructions on how to make Besan Ke Laddoo at home. Happy Cooking Enjoy!

Added: 435 days ago by TeljaJoy

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Flour Tortillas Recipe

Howto make the perfectly smooth flour tortillas at home. Very simple and easy recipe. You will probably have all the ingredients in your cupboard. For a healthier version you can substitute white flour with whole wheat flour, and vegetable oil with olive oil. I just preferred to share with you the traditional recipe to obtain the authentic tortilla taste.

Added: 437 days ago by maherbankb

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Atta Halwa recipe - Wheat Flour Pudding recipe

Learn how to make traditional Indian Kadah Prashad or atte ( Wheat Flour) Ka Ha Halwa (Pudding) using 1 cup Flour, 1 cup Ghee, Dry fruit of our choice, Sugar (1/2 cup), and Water (2.5 cup). This simple yet tasty pudding/dessert is often made at homes for prayer ceremonies and served during various religious functions.

Added: 624 days ago by Irenetreesa

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Fish Kabiraji,Receipe a Bengali snack delicacy

Recipe,Recipee,Cooking,Cookeryshow,Diet,Food,Dish,Ingredeints.This fish kabiraji is a very tasty and simple.This recipe is perpared by Rongon Neogi.

Added: 632 days ago by maherbankb

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Panjiri - Wheat Flour Snack - Traditional Punjabi food

Calorie filled recipe for Wheat flour snack called Panjiri in Punjabi is a traditional food good for Pregnant ladies and lactating new moms. It is said that it helps labour and delivery and is good to eat during cold winter months as well. Panjiri is also called Dabra or sudola in regional dialects.

Added: 646 days ago by Irenetreesa

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