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How to Make Sweet Potato Latte recipe

Sweet Potato Latte is soooo tasty!!!!! There is this really good cafe called, "YakiniQ" in Japantown San Francisco and they are the ones that created this drink. They also sell delicious macarons, too! Sweet potatoes have a good amount of fiber and soy milk is high in protein. This drink will definitely make you full after you drink it! Just make sure to use the dark skinned sweet potatoes because they are sweeter.

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Shrimp Cocktails recipe

Learn to make/prepare Shrimp Cocktails following this recipe.

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Iftar drinks Recipe - Ramadan Special Recipe This video is about how to make a delicious drinks for iftar in the month of Ramadan and eid as well. It is in English. Iftar is the food and it is the time when Muslim come to the the end of their fasting. It can be mentioned that iftar differs from country to country, but usually one food should be in common that is date because breaking the fast is the sunnah. The drinks has fruits, yogurt, ice cube, water, suger.. It is good source of vitamin and it is great for digestion as well. After fasting the whole day this kind of drink in the iftar energize one.

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Basic Margarita Recipe

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make a Basic Margarita. This recipe is made in a shaker and is a refreshing mixture of limeade concentrate, tequila, and triple sec, cooled with ice.

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